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Watts Named Rotary's November Student Of The Month

posted Nov 29, 2017, 10:27 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Nov 29, 2017, 10:27 AM ]
Shapleigh School eighth grader Lily Watts was named Shapleigh School's Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for November, it was recently announced. Watts was honored at the Rotary's monthly Student of the Month Breakfast, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday, November 28. 

Some quotes from staff about Lily:

"Lily is amazing!  I only had her in my class for a few weeks this fall, but then she was pulled out to do an online math course since she was at such an accelerated level.  While she's been working on her online course, she has come into my classroom to ask questions for clarification, but also has come in to assist other students in their learning.  While she is working very hard to get ahead herself, she is also so kind and generous to help others with their learning.  What an awesome kid!"

"Lily is the poster child for kindness, respect, and tolerance. She is friendly to all she encounters and she has an open mind. She shows excitement for learning and effort to extend her knowledge. She's great at public speaking and debating. She is an avid reader and skilled writer. Her interests are varied, and she shares her interests willingly with others. She has a love of Pathfinder, a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, for which she has created an after school club. She's a singer and ukelele player and has participated in after school meetings with a local musician to learn more about GarageBand. I've even played a deck building game about Harry Potter after school, which was really fun! I am sure she is destined for great things and I hope she comes back to share her adventures with us! I am honored to have been able to work with her."

"I had Lilly as a student in 6th grade and was completely impressed and overjoyed with her enthusiasm for learning and her contagious happiness. She came to class with a smile and an appetite to be challenged, and it was SUCH a pleasure to teach her!! This girl will change the world!"


Lily is a truly exceptional student. She is kind and caring, bright and funny, hardworking, determined, and super friendly. She is very creative and helpful to students and adults."

"I had Lily as a student in 5th grade. I remember that she always did her best in her work. She always looked for ways to make her learning fun and meaningful. Her writing always has creative flair."

"I also had the opportunity to work with Lily in Student to Student last year. In that setting where we were planning activities for the whole school, Lily again showed her leadership skills. She was willing to take a lead role in working with younger kids to help plan activities for military families."

"As I have observed Lily progress through the grades at Shapleigh, she has continued to grow into a truly awesome kid. She is well deserving of this recognition."

"Lily is an awesome student.    She gives 100% all the time. She fun, compassionate, and nice.  I have never seen Lily have a bad day.  I would love to have a bouquet of Lily's in a class."

Photo by Brenda Bladen