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SHARKs Of The Week For Feb. 29-Mar. 4 Announced

posted Mar 4, 2016, 6:45 AM by Seth Cole
The Shapleigh SHARKs of the Week, honoring students in all five grade levels, for the week ending on March 4 were announced on Friday. SHARKs are selected by classroom and related arts teachers based on the five components of a Shapleigh SHARK: Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge. 

Those selected for the week of Feb. 29-Mar. 4 include:

Grade 5: Tesfanesh Gautreau (Attitude), Madison Maleport (Strength, Respect, Attitude, Respect, Knowledge), Conor McPherson (Knowledge), and Katherine Morgan (Honesty)

Grade 6: Josephine Considine, Julia Durling

Grade 7: Meredith Chase (Respect), Devon Laroche (Attitude), Seamus Reeve (Strength)