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SHARKs Of The Week For Dec. 7-11 Announced

posted Dec 14, 2015, 5:22 AM by Seth Cole
The Shapleigh SHARKs of the Week, honoring students in all five grade levels, for the week ending on December 11 were announced on Friday. SHARKs are selected by classroom and related arts teachers based on the five components of a Shapleigh SHARK: Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge. 

Those selected for the week of December 7-11 include:

Grade 4: Samuel Emmett (Respect), Emily Housley (Attitude), and Isabelle Satenstein (Attitude and Respect)

Grade 5: Tesfanesh Gautreau (Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge), Tyler Hamel (Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge), Gabriel Hauswirth (Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge), and Ja'Kela Hubbard (Strength, Honesty, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge)

Grade 6: Mackenzie Blasi, Colin Martin, Aubrie Murdock, Brinley Seward

Grade 7: Jack Bouffard (Strength), Simon Loomis (Strength), Kathleen McPherson (Strength and Attitude)

Grade 8: Cameron Brayne (Respect, Knowledge), Molly Stites (Respect, Knowledge)

Related Arts: Mary Lombardi (Grade 7), Carly Walker (Grade 6)