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Shapleigh Welcomes New Staff Members

posted Sep 25, 2019, 10:55 AM by Seth Cole
Shapleigh School has recently introduced several new full-time staff members for the 2019-20 school year. Shapleigh welcomes the following to its community:

-Bethany Aumand (pictured on right), fourth grade classroom teacher
-Joe Bassett, Achieve teacher (and former Shapleigh School teacher)
-Christine Bastianelli, reading teacher (who served as a long-term sub last year)
-Yvonne Cedergren, educational technician ((who served as a long-term sub last year)
-Melissa Hasty, assistant kitchen manager
-Ethan Whited (pictured on left), fifth grade classroom teacher

In addition, Shapleigh has hired one lunch monitor in a part-time role, Kenneth Cedergren. Shapleigh is still seeking one more part-time lunch monitor.

A few staff members are in different roles in 2019-20 as well. Michelle Perry, formerly a fourth grade classroom teacher, is Shapleigh's interim assistant principal. Doug Bertrand, formerly Shapleigh's sixth grade math teacher, is now Shapleigh's STEM teacher. Gabe Bertrand, perviously a fifth grade classroom teacher, is Shapleigh's sixth grade math teacher. And Janis Watson, formerly the Achieve teacher, is Shapleigh's 8th grade case manager.