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Shapleigh Rain Garden Takes Root

posted Jul 29, 2011, 4:01 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 30, 2011, 11:10 AM ]
    As part of the Shapleigh building project a rain garden was installed in the area between the new addition and the old building. The rain garden is a landscaped depression containing a free draining soil mix.  This soil mix allows rainfall to collect and dissipate into the ground. Plants that are suited to survival in temporarily wet and dry conditions assist in the uptake and retention of rain water. 


    Woodburn & Company Landscape Architects, site engineer Ken Wood and the team from Lassel Architects  looked at the proposed location for the addition and noted the existing drainage patterns.  In general, the ground sloped down from the track towards the building.  There was an existing catch basin that collected this drainage with overflow running towards the woods.  The proposed location for the addition blocked the overflow and would have created a dead end drainage system.  The solution was to create a rain garden that would allow drainage from some of the added impervious surfaces to infiltrate into the ground at this location, with overflow into the catch basin.


    In addition to the functional drainage that the rain garden provides, the site also  contains an outdoor classroom space, gravel walking paths, and large boulders perfect for seating. The garden will provide students with excellent opportunities to study the water cycle, collect seeds and observe plant growth and development.

Click on the panoramic photo to launch the 360 degree viewer!

Information and Presentation by Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

Shapleigh School Rain Garden Presentation