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Shapleigh Promotes 72 Eighth Graders

posted Jun 19, 2018, 7:20 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 11:56 AM ]
Shapleigh School held its annual Eighth Grade Promotion for the Class of 2018 on Monday, June 18. Seventy-two eighth graders received a certificate of completion, by having met all course competencies. Eighth grade and related arts teachers handed out team awards to deserving students, and a handful of special "legacy" awards were also bestowed on select eighth graders. The Shapleigh sixth and seventh grade band performed musical accompaniment, and the Shapleigh chorus sung "Home" by Phillip Phillips.

Click here to watch the promotion ceremony (approximately 55 minutes)

Special awards were given to:

-Word is the Word: Lily Watts
-Morrison-Gootch Award: Margaret Johnson
-Academic Superstar: Mia Matrazzo
-Military Star Student: Alexis Hernandez
-Eighth Grade Citizenship: Alexis Weaver

8th Grade/Related Arts team awards were given to:

Mrs. Ayotte (social studies): Arianna Rubianes (overall excellence), Emily Sweeney (unrecognized talent), Gabriella Mendez (most passionate)

Mrs. Durgin (language arts): Olivia O'Leary-Curcio (overall excellence), Sophia Balagna (unrecognized talent), Sarah Robillard (most passionate)

Mrs. Lemont (science): Emma Dawson-Webb (overall excellence), Margaret Johnson (overall excellence), Matthew Howard (most consistent)

Mrs. MacPherson (mathematics): Lily Watts (overall excellence), Josephine Considine (most passionate), Brinly Seward (most passionate)

Mrs. Tietgens and Ms. Umel (Spanish): Brinly Seward and Joshua Phillips (overall excellence)

Mr. Frost (technical education): Emily Sweeney and Lily Watts ("Golden Mouse" Award)

Mr. Rhames and Mrs. Robinson (health and physical education): Julia Durling and David Moriarty (overall excellence)

Mr. Roth (band): Gabrielle Mendez (highest achievement) and Aili Webb (unrecognized talent)

Ms. Segedy (chorus): Lily Watts (highest achievement) and Kai Arsenault (unrecognized talent)

Mrs. Sutherland (art): Aubrie Murdock and Emily Sweeney (overall excellence), Gabriella Mendez (overall excellence and most passionate)

Certificates of completion were awarded to:

Cassius Armour
Kai Arsenault
Sophia Balagna
Xavier Barnaby
Leah Beckwith
McKenzie Blasi
Sydney Blasi
Jay Brooks
Conrad Burke
Oscar Byron
Kaleb Cassinelli
Josephine Considine
Banning Crowley
Emma Dawson-Webb
Ella Dennis
Cooper Donaghue
Julia Durling
Madison Emmett
Nicholas Fitch
Regina Forbes
Matthew Ford
Nora Gilbert
Isabella Harris
Alexis Hernandez
Matthew Howard
Margaret Johnson
Kolten Kougioulis
Kevin Kulyk
Kearra Lucas
Cameron Maes
Benjamin Mandani
Emily Marino
Colin Martin
Mia Matrazzo
Makayla Mattingly
Duncan May
Kerri McCann
Eavan McEllin
Gabriela Mendez
David Moriarty
Aubrie Murdock
Torrie Murdock
Colin Niles
Olivia O’Leary-Curcio
Spencer Palos
Samuel Parks
Dylan Parsons
Joshua Phillips
Davis Quinn
Stephanie Reilly
Sarah Robillard
Bowman Rollins
Justin Roy
Arianna Rubianes
Hope Sawicki
Molly Sawtelle
Brinly Seward
Garrett Small
Samuel Smith
Mathew South
Samuel Stith
Sydney Sumsion
Emily Sweeney
Samuel Thumith
Carly Walker
Lily Watts
Alexis Weaver
Aili Webb
Madison Wilson
Brielle Wirth
Owen Woollacott
Owen Young