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Seventy-Six Eighth Graders Promoted

posted Jun 22, 2017, 10:37 AM by Seth Cole
Shapleigh School held its annual Eighth Grade Promotion on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, with 76 students presented certificates. Several special awards were also handed out during the hour-long ceremony, including:

-"Word is the Word" - to Brian Chambers

-Morrison-Gootch Award - to Addyson Hale

-Academic Superstar - to Kiara Audette

-Military Star Student - to Trinity Sharp

-Eighth Grade Citizenship Award - to John Barr and Rachel McCarthy

-Eighth Grade/Related Art Team Awards

In addition, the eighth grade chorus sang a beautiful rendition of "Let It Be", the sixth and seventh grade band performed the March of the Majestics and The Star Spangled Banner, and art teacher Aimee Sutherland created the Eighth Grade Slideshow with pictures of all eighth grade students.

Click here to view a video of the Eighth Grade Ceremony.

Front row, left to right: Yolanda Ares, India Allen-Irizarry, Lauran Barstow, Mortimer Tarr, Kiara Audette, Henry Lord and Jacob Goode.
Second row, left to right: Trinity Sharp, Ashley Engel, Charles White, Emerson Brown, Leila El-Badry, Caroline Finley, Gillian Brayne and Brian Chambers.
Third row, left to right: Ryan Pinkham, Hunter Frost, Ryan Wilcox, Jordan Kofos, Kathleen McPherson, Kaylin Moriarty, Zacharie Morrow and Gunnar Palm.
Fourth row, left to right: Devon LaRoche, Jack Bouffard, Treshaun Brown, Walter Driscoll, Esteban Betancourt, William Davis, Rian Gibson, Noah Finley, Thomas Saiauski, Joseph White, Tristen Thacker and Colby Miller.
Fifth row, left to right: Meredith Chase, Keelia Clarkson, Brynn Tuttle, Annika Huntress, Finnian Shea, John Barr, Rachel McCarthy, Bennett Christiansen, Seamus Reeve, Brooke Lankford and Jordan Polanco.
Sixth row, left to right: Autumn Yurick, Caroline Couperthwait, Zadie Lauer, Alizay Toussaint, Claire Barbour, Jennifer McCluskey, Antonia Eaton, Shyenne Diaz, Mary Lombardi, Darnell Polanco, Logan Cibroski and Jackson Tobey.
Back row, left to right: Kelsea Palm, Abigail Pitcairn, Eliza Pereira, Addyson Hale, Kassandra Hawkes, Brennan Desmond, Oscar Foye, Haleigh Stenta, Abigail Mulligan, Samantha Buffington, Berhanu Stevens, Cooper Salema, Noah Trent and Caiden Denzler.