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September Newsletter

posted Sep 26, 2012, 2:51 PM by Unknown user
The palette of gold, green, brown, and crimson accompanied by the crisp autumn air that has descended upon us is evidence that summer is definitely over and fall is here. At Shapleigh we are back in full swing, reacquainted with the returning members of our learning community, and thrilled to welcome many newcomers. Our summer letter introduced you to most of our new staff, but I wanted to mention them once again as we have had some additional people join us. Our new teaching staff includes grade four teachers Emily Foster and Kerry Waters, Lauren MacPherson in grade six mathematics, Ashleigh Locke in grade seven mathematics, Heidi Ayotte in grade eight social studies, and Karina Magee in grade seven Spanish. We also have Donna Whitman, who will work with us every Wednesday to assist with Gifted and Talented, Laurie Lambert, our new behaviorist, Wendy Collins, our new Food Services Director, Andi Wentworth, our new kitchen manager, and Ed Techs Hillary Humiston, Janis Watson, and Becky Guy.

In addition to new staff, we also have a number of new students - 41 to be exact. We have 6 new students in grade 4, 9 in grade five, 14 in grade six, 5 in grade seven, and 7 in grade eight bringing our total number of students to 407. Coming to us from Hawaii, California, Alaska, Washington, Texas, Virginia, and many other states we are all getting to know and understand each other. I know you will help us in welcoming these new families to Kittery and the Shapleigh learning community.

An important change this year for Mitchell and Shapleigh students is that we are moving to trimesters. This provides students with a longer period of time before a summative assessment of student progress is made. It allows teachers to collect ample data to provide a meaningful report on student progress. Instruction will remain basically the same; only the timeframe for reporting will change. This change, which has occurred in many elementary and middle schools, means that you will receive three report cards and three progress reports throughout the year. Dates for those reports are:

•10/26 Progress Report
•12/07 Report Card
•01/25 Progress Report
•03/22 Report Card
•05/10 Progress Report
•06/21 Report Card (Tentative)

Because students in grades 5-8 receive mostly traditional grading with letter grades, we encourage you to check the parent portal regularly to keep abreast of your child’s progress. If you logged on to the parent portal last year, you should be able to log on in the same manner. We will be sending letters home with information on how to log on for those who have forgotten how or who have not logged on before.

More of the September Newsletter is available in the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Unknown user,
Sep 26, 2012, 2:51 PM