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Madeline Pitcairn Named Rotary's Student Of The Month

posted Jun 6, 2016, 6:29 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Jun 9, 2016, 6:28 AM ]
Shapleigh School fifth grader Madeline Pitcairn was named the Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for June, it was recently announced. Pitcairn was honored at the Rotary's monthly Student of the Month Breakfast, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday, May 31. Pitcairn's homerrom teacher, Janice Fickett, presented the award to her.

Some quotes from Shapleigh School staff members about Pitcairn:

"Maddie is a driven, creative, kind student who never is afraid to be herself. She embraces opportunity to guide her own learning and plods away until she has met her own goals. She is a gifted writer and an empathetic friend." 

"It is clear that Maddie has earned the respect of her peers and teachers. She is kind, witty, and fun. She has the ability to articulate her thoughts and engage others in conversation. This engagement is respectful, thoughtful and dynamic." 

"Maddie has been one of the strongest, if not the strongest, coder in the 5th grade Computer Science Club this year. She is such a diligent worker, willing to try out different lines of code to see how they work, and always up for helping her classmates out with their projects. She also always seems to come with a smile - I love her disposition. What a great selection for Student of the Month!"

"Maddie joined the band playing the trombone this year. It has been wonderful watching her learn and progress over the course of the year. She always brings a smile, enthusiasm and energy to every rehearsal. And lots of talent also! Well done Maddie!!"