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Gagner, Matty Named Shapleigh Students Of The Month

posted Oct 23, 2018, 7:08 AM by Seth Cole
September and October Students of the Month from Shapleigh School were honored this morning at a Rotary Club breakfast meeting. Congratulations to seventh grader Terry Gagner and sixth grader Makili Matty!

Quotes from staff about Terry:

"Terry is always respectful and on-task and his accomplishments are noteworthy!"

"Terry always is looking out for everybody. He personifies "inclusion."

"Terry makes me feel like a GREAT teacher!"

"My experience with Terry is that he has been a great friend to one of my students (who refers to him as a super genius)and is always willing to help. When I have observed him in class, he is always doing what he is supposed to do regardless of what is going around him."

"Terry is true to his beliefs amidst his peers--always. A great kid who strives to do the best he can. Humble, as Charlotte would say:)"

Quotes from staff about Makili:

"Makili is always kind and thoughtful in class. I love seeing his enthusiasm exceed the bounds of class-time."

"I've always been impressed with his inquisitive nature in Science class. He is always trying to find both the correct answer and the bigger picture."

"Makili approaches every challenge I give him with enthusiasm, excellent focus, and boundless energy."

"Makili truly LOVES to learn. He is enthusiastic and thorough in his thinking. He is respectful, kind and well liked by his peers."

"Makili is a role model student; always on task, finding ways to challenge himself, and truly trying to better the world around him (whether that entails helping peers or inventing a new machine to solve a problem). He uses every drop of time to learn as much as possible and connect his learning to the world around him." 

"Makili has been and continues to be a wonderful flute player in the 6th grade band. Makili is always up for a challenge and continually tries to improve his skills beyond the music being played by the band. He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to every rehearsal and his presence makes the band better every single day. Well done Makili!"