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French, Walters Named Students of the Month

posted Oct 22, 2019, 5:49 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Oct 22, 2019, 8:24 AM ]
Shapleigh School sixth grader Noelle French, and seventh grader Leanna Walters, were named the Rotary Club of Kittery's Students of the Month for October and September, respectively. French and Walters were recognized at the rotary's Breakfast of the Month, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday October 22.

Quotes from staff about Noelle (pictured at left): "Noelle is in her second year of playing on the clarinet and it has been a treat to listen to her skills grow and improve on a daily basis. Noelle is a hard worker who gives maximum effort at every band rehearsal and the hard work is really paying off. She is a wonderful young lady who impresses me with her attitude, maturity, and desire to improve. Congratulations on this well-earned award Noelle!"

"I am so thankful to have Noelle in my class this year. She is a constant source of curiosity and brings a lot of life to the classroom. She is patient of the learning curve of others, participates with enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude. Noelle puts out the best product that she can in everything that she does. Her sense of humor and old soul compassion are powerful tools that will be indispensable in all pursuits. Bravo Noelle!!"

"Noelle is such a joy to have in Homeroom. She is hardworking and kind. When other students are struggling, she's the first to offer a helping hand. She is very conscientious and stays on top of her work, even though she has a busy schedule with Band and GT during WIN and field hockey after school. She is a talented writer who is always trying to improve her craft, and I often get to challenge her with 7th and 8th grade writing expectations! She is so deserving of student of the month."

"Having Noelle for two years in a row for health class has been fantastic. She asks thoughtful questions and positively participates in any activity we might be doing. I always notice how often she is inclusive of others. She goes out of her way to be helpful to anyone and her empathy sets a fantastic example. She has a strong work ethic and is enthusiastic about learning. Noelle truly personifies all of the qualities we look for when we select the student of the month and our whole RA team was in agreement that she is a great choice!"

"It has been a pleasure to work with Noelle in art class. She never backs down from a creative challenge and is always up for whatever we are learning about in art class. I admire her positive attitude and the dedication and passion that she brings to her work. Way to go Noelle!" 

"I was the lucky 4th grade teacher for Noelle. I realized very quickly that Noelle was going to be one of those students that helped me become a better teacher. She is high achieving and knowledgeable in all subject areas and is eager to learn more and challenge herself. She is such a talented writer. She is not only a positive role model for her peers academically, but socially as well. She is kind, helpful and always positive. Just two weeks ago I witnessed her at the school dance reach out to help another student who was alone and pull them into her group. These are things she does, even when no one is watching!" 

Quotes from staff about Leanna (pictured at right):

"Leanna Walters is the epitome of kindness. She is never anything but kind to everyone around her."

"Leanna..... sweet, caring, kind, super bright, but always humble."

"Leanna was a joy to teach in fourth grade. She has a lot of knowledge to share. She is kind, compassionate and a special part of our Shapleigh School Community. Congratulations Leanna! I am so proud of you!"

"Leanna is always thinking about how others might feel in any given situation. She treats peers and staff with kindness and respect and is not afraid to speak up and encourage her peers to do the same."

"Leanna Walters joined the band as a 7th grader for the first time this year and I am so glad she did! She has been a tireless worker as she has quickly mastered various percussion instruments and is already one of the leaders of that section! She brings energy and enthusiasm with her to rehearsal every day and makes a point of improving her skills every moment. Way to go Leanna!"

"Although I have not known Leanna for long, I appreciate her willingness to let me know what's going on with her, and she is always honest, open and kind. She wants to do the right thing, and tries her best to do so. She is accepting, hard-working, and always reading or working on Sudoku or figuring out how to create her own. I am so happy to have her as a student this year!"

"I have been fortunate enough to have Leanna in class for the past three years as a reading teacher and now as a health teacher, and regardless of the subject, her inquisitive nature and helpfulness are clear. Not only does Leanna work hard to understand the content, she seeks a challenge whenever possible. She is always the first to offer help to a peer or a teacher, and is kind to all. She is a great choice for the student of the month!"