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Dembele, Rohan Recognized As Students Of The Month

posted May 29, 2019, 6:19 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated May 29, 2019, 9:36 AM ]
Shapleigh School fourth grader Rose Dembele (left), and fifth grader Madelyn Rohan were recently named the Rotary Club of Kittery's Students of the Month for the last two months of the school year. Rose and Maddy were honored at the Breakfast of the Month, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday May 28.

Some quotes from staff about Maddy:

"I have had the enjoyment of spending the year in the same classroom as Maddy. It has been a pleasure to see her grow and become a student who is conscientious about her schoolwork, while at the same time enjoying her time in school. One thing I have noticed is that she is always prepared for class with her binder out and a pencil ready to go. Maddy is caring, and observant when it comes to the needs of others, and is always quick to be a friend and helpmate to her peers. Of course I couldn’t mention all the great things about Maddy without mentioning her fantastic sense of humor; and her cheerful smile. She truly is a great girl and a wonderful person to know. Congratulations Maddy on this well-deserved award."  ~Mrs. Webb

"Maddy is a hardworking, often quiet student. While she doesn’t demand to be the center of attention, her work is certainly worth noticing. Over the course of the year, Maddy has worked hard to meet all of the learning expectations. Maddy brings a unique perspective to social studies from being exposed to different cultures through her family's travels. She is an engaged listener and asks critical questions. She is kind to all of her classmates, and treats people equally, regardless of their background or ability. Having Maddy in class benefits the kids from her kindness and the teacher because of her critical reasoning skills and consistent hard work."  ~Mrs. Sheldon

"Maddy has a kind, hard working spirit. She is accepting of others and is always willing to offer a helping hand. She takes great pride in all she does and puts creativity into her work. As a quiet leader among her peers, others look up to her. Her appreciation for the world around her is amazing, especially for a 5th grader! Maddy, you deserve this award and I am so proud of you! Congrats!" ~Mrs. Gilpatrick

"Maddy is a wonderful member of our concert band percussion section. She works hard, has a great attitude and makes the band room a happy place with her presence! Way to go Maddy!!" ~Mr. Roth

"I absolutely have enjoyed having Maddy in my class this year. She started the year off very quiet - just taking it all in. From day one of 5th grade, she has been a role model student - following directions, a hard worker, willing to work independently or in any group she was assigned, friendly to others, and polite at all times. Throughout the year, I have really noticed an increase in her desire to challenge herself, especially recently. She doesn’t just complete her work and turn it in. Lately, Maddy looks over the rubric to ensure its complete, checks in to make sure there is nothing else she needs to do, and asks if there is a challenge component to bring her grade higher. It’s been remarkable to see her develop into such an independent and responsible learner. All of those qualities would be enough to make Maddy deservant of this award. But, in addition to all of these wonderful assets, I have especially loved watching her come out of her shell a little more this year and start revealing her fun personality. She has a great sense of humor and knows how to laugh at herself as well as with her friends. She gets along with everyone and shows true compassion for each of her peers. She’s a role model to all of her peers and a teacher’s delight. Congratulations on truly deserving and earning this award Maddy." ~Ms. Randall

Some quotes from staff about Rose:

"Rose Dembele is a well-rounded good kid who comes into school every day and gets her job done with a smile on her face. Rose is incredibly thoughtful and a good friend to all. She is a hard worker and a role-model student…..she makes my job easy. Rose is so humble and unassuming that I hope Rose really takes in this moment and these words and realizes how very special she is to me and to some of her other teachers who have been lucky enough to be a tiny piece of her life." ~Mrs. Pearl

Mrs. Lantz, Rose’s 3rd grade teacher said that "Rose is the type of student every teacher loves to have - she is hardworking and curious, she is compassionate and caring and she also has a sense of fun and playfulness. Congratulations Rose... keep shining on!”

Mrs. Downs, Rose’s 2nd grade teacher remembers "Rose being such a sweetheart! One thing I remember fondly about her was that she wrote songs during free writes and had a beautiful voice that filled my room with song.. She’s such a great kid , but you know that already, Betsy. I loved having her! I’m so glad she is being recognized!"

Ms. Foster, Rose’s health teacher also had some lovely words to say about this extraordinary kiddo "I am so glad to have Rose as a student in health this year! Rose is a perfect choice for student of the month! Her sunny disposition and positive attitude brighten every Friday's health class. She is encouraging to her peers, she asks thoughtful questions and has a wonderful work ethic. She enthusiastically participates and has a great sense of humor, no matter what the challenge, Rose takes it on with a smile on her face. She is the kind of student that helps me remember how lucky I am to work with so many great kids."