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Caine Named Shapleigh's December Student Of The Month

posted Jan 22, 2019, 2:09 PM by Seth Cole
Shapleigh School fourth grader Camryn Caine was named the Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for December, it was recently announced. Caine was honored at the Rotary's monthly breakfast, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday, January 22.

Some quotes from staff about Caine:

"Camryn is a very positive force in my class. She is an excellent problem solver, and goes out of her way to be helpful. One day she decided that the pencils my rack needed to be organized- by size, naturally! She is a pleasure to have as a student!"

"Camryn is a hard-worker who always has a smile on her face. She is kind to others and always excited to try something new."

"Camryn is a true artist! She approaches her work with creativity and thoughtfulness. She puts in the time and effort to make sure that she is creating work of high quality. Not only is Cam hardworking, she is also polite and caring student who sets a great example for her peers around her. It has been a pleasure to work with her in art class this year and I am looking forward to many more art classes with her! Congrats, Cam - way to go.

"Camryn is an awesome choice for student of the month. She is a role model for her peers both academically and socially. She is a high achieving student due to her engagement in her studies, attentiveness to details, and constant desire to better herself as a learner. She has such a generous heart and is kind to everyone she meets. She is the one who notices when someone doesn’t have a partner or is playing alone and makes sure they feel included. She is always setting a positive example and I am one lucky teacher to have her in my class!"  

"Camryn is a creative and curious learner who is a wonderful part of her school community. She makes her peers feel heard in a group setting. She is enthusiastic about every new challenge in class and she works hard to raise the bar for herself while setting an example for her peers. She has a great, positive attitude and she is the kind of student that I look forward to getting to have in class for 5 years."