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Bailey, Barrett Named Rotary Club's Students Of The Month

posted Dec 22, 2015, 5:46 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Dec 22, 2015, 6:43 AM ]
The Rotary Club of Kittery held its monthly Student of the Month breakfast on December 22, and fourth grader Samantha Bailey and eighth grader Hailey Barrett were the Shapleigh School's representatives. The breakfast is held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Kittery Estates.

Teachers had this to say about Barrett:

"Hailey is always quick to smile, even when she is struggling or in a bad mood. She also has a good sense of humor."

"Very funny, respectful, pleasant to be around!"

Teacher's had this to say about Bailey:

"She is on task, positive, and a great role model for her peers. Congrats Sammy!"

"She is always kind and respectful to her classmates and teachers and has a good sense of humor."

"She is an outgoing, happy, and interesting kid! She can't get enough to read, and always has her nose in a book."