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Anna Housley Named Shapleigh Student Of The Month

posted Jan 28, 2020, 11:33 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Jan 29, 2020, 8:55 AM ]
Fourth grader Anna Housley was named the Shapleigh School's Rotary Club of Kittery Student of the Month for January, it was recently announced. Housley was honored at the rotary's monthly breakfast, held at Kittery Estates, on Tuesday January 28. 

Some quotes from staff about Anna:

Mrs. Sutherland (art)- It has been a pleasure to get to know Anna in art class this year. She is an outstanding art student who always walks through the door with a positive attitude and ready to learn. Anna approaches all of her work with thought, care and imagination. She inspires other students with her creativity and original ideas. Way to go Anna! You are a super star!

Mr. Bertand (STEM)- Anna looks at problems as a challenge and is willing to take advice and try new solutions with a smile. She is always kind and willing to help out when other students are stuck.

Mrs. Martin (school counselor)- Anna is a kind, supportive classmate who is willing to advocate for herself and others. She works hard, has fun and is always respectful to staff and students alike. Anna leads by example with a gentle, yet assertive confidence. Anna's presence makes Shapleigh a better place.

Mr. Rhames (PE)- Anna is a powerhouse in PE and has been since day 1! It was obvious from the beginning of school that she is a leader amongst her peers! I have really enjoyed having her in class and know that she is going to do great things! Congrats Anna!

Miss Foster (Health)- Anna is a great choice for Student of the month because she possesses so many great qualities we look for when we choose a student to recognize. She is patient, thoughtful, a great listener, a hard worker, and she always has a positive attitude! Anna also has a great sense of humor and her classmates have a lot of respect for her and her ideas. I am so happy to be able to recognize Anna as the student of the month!

Mrs. Pearl (4th Grade homeroom)- I was so happy to hear that Anna was chosen as student of the month. I feel very fortunate to have Anna in my class this year....she has been a role model student since the first day she entered our 4th grade classroom.

Anna is gentle and kind with an amazing spirit. Anna's soft ways make her a wonderful friend and peer and she's always the student that is willing to help. When I think of Anna I think back to something Fred Rogers said many years ago. He said, "Always look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping and where there is help there is hope." That's you Anna! Congratulations for this recognition, it's well deserved. Keep spreading your help and hope for yourself, for others and for our world. I'm so proud of you! Love, Mrs. Pearl

Pictures taken by Superintendent Eric Waddell