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A Letter from Mr. Waddell to 8th Grade Parents

posted Mar 14, 2013, 7:55 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 22, 2013, 11:28 AM ]
March 13, 2013

Dear Parents:

I always feel a bit conflicted about sending a "Welcome to high school" letter to 8th
grade parents when it's still technically winter, but we are now in daylight savings
time mode, and I have a sneaking suspicion that your Shapleigh School student is
chomping at the bit and ready to transition to high school.

I wanted to let you know what my plans are for working with your 8th grader to
ensure that his/her transition to Traip Academy is a smooth one. Prior to April
Vacation, I will be visiting Shapleigh School to meet with the 8th graders. I'll have my
colleagues with me-Mr. Roberge, several Traip Academy students, and a Variety of
teachers as well. I will provide a brief presentation, allow each member of my group
to speak about Traip Academy, and then offer time for your children to ask us
questions. Later that evening, We will offer a similar presentation to prospective
parents of Traip Academy students.

During both sessions, we will talk about the program of studies and the co-
curricular and interscholastic options at Traip Academy. I will also share some
exciting stories of how our vision for the future of Traip is already creating unique
opportunities for our students (freshmen included!). I will highlight the following
  • Students may take online course offerings in unique subjects including
    German, Japanese, and Digital Media-all courses currently taken by
  • YCCC will begin offering dual enrollment courses right here on the Traip
    Academy campus beginning in the fall, so our students can earn college credit
    and high school credit at the same time Without leaving our campus.
  • Internship opportunities continue to grow with community partners like
    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard who has just today approved an agreement for
    Traip Academy students to engage in internships at the Naval Health Clinic.
  • Traip Academy teachers and students regularly embark on independent
    studies in unique academic areas such as "Cooking at the Molecular Level"
    and "Advanced Stained Glass."
  • Our robust competitive robotics program, The Robo-Rangers, builds science,
    engineering, and technology skills.
  • We offer domestic and international travel opportunities each year to places
    like London, Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Milan, and the Channel Islands National
    Park in California.

In addition to our visit to Shapleigh School, I will host 8th graders here in the spring
for lunch. We will take a quick tour of the building, pop in to some classrooms, and
get a feel for life at Traip Academy. Beyond that, l am working with students right
now to produce a series of short vignettes that will be accessible from our school's
website. The 60-second videos will give prospective students and parents a look
inside Traip Academy. The series, "Why Traip?" will highlight the gems that are
right here at Traip Academy:
  • A small student/teacher ratio
  • A close knit and caring student body
  • One-to-one computing [one of only a few 1:1 high schools in York County)
  • A talented, caring, and creative faculty
  • A vibrant advisory program
  • A successful performing arts program
When the date is set for my visit to Shapleigh (for both students and parents), I will
get the word out to you well in advance with the help of the Shapleigh School office
staff. In the meantime, l welcome you to take a look at the Traip Academy website.
There is a great slideshow on our homepage that will give you a taste of life here at
Traip, and most of my monthly newsletters are archived on the site as well.

Of course, if any parent would like to meet with me for a personal tour of the school
and a customized Q & A session, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward
to getting to know you and your student as he/ she works toward a Traip Academy
high school diploma...and beyond! If I can help, please do let me know!

Sincerely yours,

Eric F. Waddell
Unknown user,
Mar 14, 2013, 7:55 AM