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Marlee Mickle Named Shapleigh May Student Of The Month

posted May 27, 2020, 6:01 AM by Seth Cole

Shapleigh School fifth grader Marlee Mickle was named the Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for May, it was recently announced.

Marlee has totally embraced remote learning. That comment came up again and again. But also teacher's report she has always shown strong leadership qualities, she has a strong work ethic,open to suggestions, and makes the best out of every situation. She exhibits positive influence on her peers and an eagerness to go above and beyond in her academics.. She is always looking to help out others to achieve the greatest accomplishments for her class as a whole."

A certificate and Rotary medallion will be mailed to all Students of the Month, a book will be given to the school libraries dedicated to them, and when accessible their names will be added to the Rotary Student of the Month plaques in their schools. Congratulations to Marlee, her family, and her teachers. We are honored to have been "Introduced" to her, even if at a distance, and we are proud to know that she is helping to make a great community here in Kittery!

Shapleigh rotates the nomination of the student of the Month between Grades and to complete the rotation cycle a June Student of the Month is selected at Shapleigh and the Rotary will recognize that Student next week.

Kittery's Collins Named Maine's School Nutrition Director of the Year!

posted May 26, 2020, 5:45 AM by Seth Cole

Congratulations to Kittery School Nutrition Director Wendy Collins, who has been named School Nutrition Director of the Year for Maine! Wendy was nominated by a fellow director for her work with the Farm-to-School Program, her visiting chefs program, and for being a champion of school nutrition in Kittery and all of Maine. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, Wendy would be honored at the annual Maine School Nutrition Conference in August as well as the annual National School Nutrition Association summer c
onference (this year slated for Nashville). Congrats Mrs. Collins!

Lucas Walker Wins Sumdog York County Math Contest!

posted May 26, 2020, 5:35 AM by Seth Cole

Shapleigh School fifth grader Lucas Walker was named the winner of the Sumdog York County math contest, it was recently announced. Lucas answered 973 out of 1,000 math questions correctly. He was informed of his award on Friday May 22, and was very proud of his accomplishment! Congrats Lucas! To learn more, visit

Taryn McGuffin Picked As Shapleigh's April Student Of The Month

posted May 7, 2020, 5:20 AM by Seth Cole

Shapleigh School seventh grader Taryn McGuffin was chosen as the Rotary Club of Kittery's April Student of the Month, it was recently announced. Taryn was nominated for the award by the seventh grade team.

Teachers had many glowing remarks about Taryn, including:

-"Taryn always handles herself with maturity , She is kind to others, and she really excels in sharing her knowledge." 

-"She always tried her best to reach high standards and offered a helping hand to students who might not have understood how to reach those standards." 

-"Positive, funny, full of energy, and just a great kid!"

-"I have been impressed with her progress on the flute and her dedication to improvement. She has a great attitude and always comes into the room with a smile on her face."

-"Taryn's ability to make everyone around her feel included in the conversationand appreciated is something that makes her so special."

"Quaranthings" Portraits On Display

posted May 4, 2020, 5:15 AM by Seth Cole

Last week for an art challenge in Mrs. Sutherland's class, Shapleigh School students were asked to make a "Quaranthings Portrait" of themselves. The kids gathered up their favorite items that have brought them comfort during the quarantine. They carefully considered the items that they wanted to use as clues, selected a background, location, how to pose themselves, lighting and also considered creative ways to organize their composition!

The photo gallery can be seen here:

Shapleigh's Virtual Scholastic Book Fair To Be Held May 4-17

posted Apr 29, 2020, 7:08 AM by Seth Cole

Shapleigh School will be hosting a virtual Scholastic Book Fair from
May 4-17. Families can shop online and have books shipped directly to their home, and get some new things to read while supporting our school.

Free shipping of BOOK ITEMS ONLY is available for orders over $25.00 (Unfortunately, adding non-book items to an order means that you cannot take advantage of the free shipping option).

Click here to shop starting Monday.

Olivia Kenney Honored As Shapleigh's March Student Of The Month

posted Apr 29, 2020, 6:25 AM by Seth Cole

Shapleigh School eighth grader Olivia Kenney was named the Shapleigh School's Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for March, it was recently announced. The Rotary's monthly breakfast held at Kittery Estates for March and the remainder of the school year have been cancelled.

Here is some of what Shapleigh staff members said about Olivia:

-She is a kind, caring, and hard-working student and a joy to have in each of our classes. Throughout the year we have all appreciated the contagious enthusiasm that Olivia brings with her to each school day. She is willing to jump into any endeavor with diligence, maturity, and grace. We are so proud of what she has accomplished at Shapleigh School and she will be so missed! - Ms. Ankermann, Mrs. Ayotte, Mrs. Durgin, Mrs. Fifield, Mrs. Janes, Mrs. Lemont, and Ms. Watson

-Olivia was a joy to teach in fourth grade. She worked hard, cared about others and never gave up when challenges arose. She is well-deserving of this award. Congratulations, Olivia! I am so proud of you! - Mrs. Gilpatrick

-I had Olivia in my first year, and it was such a blessing that she was in my class. Her energetic spirit, her creativity, and her constant smile kept me afloat so many days! I love the enthusiasm she showed for all of the projects and tasks that we did in class. I used so many of her work products as examples for students in the following years because of the effort that she always used. One of my favorite memories is that she volunteered to be part of the Explorer's Cafe. This is a skit that she and others from my HR class that year both wrote and acted out as an introduction to the SS unit on Exploration. They performed it 2 years in a row, and the students loved it--it was a huge hit!! Olivia is such a bright, energetic, creative lovely young lady--I will never forget her!!! - Mrs. Bertrand

-I have had the pleasure of having Olivia for 5 years and she has been a pleasure to work with! She admitted to me that PE isn’t her favorite class but she likes me haha! I was surprised by that because she is always such a happy and active participant! I have not seen Olivia upset once in 5 years. She is so deserving of this award and she will be missed. - Mr. Rhames

-Olivia is an outstanding art student! I am always impressed with the level of skill and creativity that she brings to art class. She has a great work ethic and thinks carefully about what she is learning and how best to move forward in her own artwork. Her positive attitude is fantastic and she models that and maturity for her fellow students. On top of all of that, she is simply an awesome person. Congrats to Olivia on this special recognition! She deserves all of it! - Mrs. Sutherland

-Olivia was in my homeroom last year, and she has always impressed me with her maturity and her poise, both personality-wise and in her love of ballet. She did a very interesting demonstration for Strength Day last year about toe shoes - she showed how they are made, how to wear them, and what they enable dancers to do. It was fascinating! She is passionate, caring, motivated and I am sure she will find a lot of success no matter what she wants to do in life. I have been honored to be able to work with her in 7th grade. - Mrs. Sebert

-Olivia comes to class with a smile and a willingness to participate in all activities. She has a fine sense of humor too! - Mrs. Fifield

Dylan Anderson Named Shapleigh's February Student Of The Month

posted Apr 28, 2020, 5:26 AM by Seth Cole   [ updated Apr 29, 2020, 7:02 AM ]

Shapleigh School sixth grader Dylan Anderson was named the Shapleigh School's Rotary Club of Kittery's Student of the Month for February, it was recently announced. Dylan was unable to attend February's monthly breakfast held at Kittery Estates, and the Rotary cancelled the March and April breakfasts honoring deserving Kittery students. 

Here is some of what Shapleigh staff members said about Dylan:

● “Dylan always uses Spanish when he sees me outside of the classroom. He is super polite too!” ~Mrs. Fifield
● “Dylan is a valuable member of the 6th grade chorus. In addition to his wonderful voice, he brings enthusiasm and dedication to the group.” ~Jayne Segedy
● “Dylan did a great job in PE this year. He gave 100% effort and had a wonderful attitude every class! Great job Dylan!”
● “Dylan!!! WHAT A SUPER KID! He is friendly, helpful, kind,smart, funny, creative....I could go on and on! Dylan always shows up to art class with a positive attitude and takes on every new challenge with enthusiasm. He has been working hard on improving his drawing skills this year and participated in the Inktober Drawing Challenge where students create a different drawing every day during the month of October based on a variety of drawing prompts. Dylan is also an active member of art club this year. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with Dylan. His ability to persevere, stay positive, work hard and problem solve inspires others around him. Dylan is such a great addition to our school and his contributions make Shapleigh a better place. Way to go Dylan! This is a special honor and you deserve every bit of it! Bravo!!” - Mrs. Sutherland
● “So excited for him! He is one of the most polite, respectful, and resilient students I have worked with! He always looks for the best in people and is quick to help out if anyone is in need!” Kristin O’Neill
● “Dylan is an inquisitive student that is always willing to help out. He comes to class with an infectious smile on his face and a “can-do” attitude. He can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.” ~Mr. Bertrand
● “Dylan is a great student in class who always thinks of his peers first. He also continues to work, until he truly understands the concept being discussed in class.” ~Mr. Harris
● “It is not a surprise that Dylan's teachers selected him to be the "Student of the Month". Dylan is a quiet observer, but a deep thinker. He is empathetic and compassionate. He does the right thing even when no one is looking. He works hard, enjoys being with his friends, and has the courage to try new things. His resilience is unmatched.” ~Mrs. Martin
● We have been blessed to have this young man in our homeroom as he is a quiet but strong force behind our successful community. He can be seen helping out without being asked, checking in with others when they seem to be having a hard time, and inviting others to join him. These gift come natural to Dylan and it is clear that he truly enjoys being at school. He is one of the hardest workers in class, often pushing himself to try the extensions or to go the extra mile. I enjoy seeing his contagious smile every day; he inspires kindness in us all, and I am a better person for knowing him!! May the happiness and compassion that Dylan shows others be returned to him many times over!

Shapleigh School Virtual Spirit Week April 13-17!

posted Apr 10, 2020, 11:27 AM by Seth Cole

April 13-17 is Shapleigh School Virtual Spirit Week!  

Show your Shapleigh school spirit by participating in next week’s themed spirit activities (Monday through Thursday). Submit a photo or video in that day’s corresponding shared folder no later than 4 o’clock each day.  Access to these folders will be provided in your google classroom each day (Here's Monday's shared folder:

Tuesday through Friday we will post a compilation of your submissions from the day before for you to view and share!  We plan to post these videos on our Shapleigh website, Facebook pages and in the school yearbook.

MondayCooking / Baking - Submit a picture or video of a quarantine culinary creation with a Kittery, Shapleigh and/or Shark theme.

Tuesday:  Dress in Shapleigh school colors (blue and gold) or your Kittery gear!!  Don’t forget to submit your photo!

Wednesday:  Submit a photo of yourself with your pet, stuffed animal and/or family member that is keeping you company during this time.

Thursday:  Create a song, rap, or poem inspired by something you love about Shapleigh!  Submit a video of yourself performing or reading your creation.

RulesAll submissions must be school appropriate and positive!  Use only materials/supplies that you already have. Submissions must be received by 4pm each day.

Go Shapleigh Sharks!!

Covid-19 Update - Superintendent's Office - 4/8/2020

posted Apr 8, 2020, 5:09 PM by Seth Cole

Dear friends...

I'm sure you heard on the news today that Commissioner of Education, Pender Makin, issued a communication last evening that included a recommendation--supported by Governor Mills--that Maine schools remain in a remote learning mode for the remainder of the school year.  The hope, albeit fleeting, that we may return to classroom-based instruction by re-opening our schools in May, is all but dashed.  

It is difficult for me to formalize the announcement that we will not be re-opening our Kittery schools before the end of the current school year.  Admittedly, my optimism was clouding the realities of the impact of Covid-19--the reality that the virus in our region of the US is just beginning to ramp up and that a return to school-based learning too soon would negate any progress that we've made by staying home. It's a bummer. 

It's a bummer because for many of our students, they rely on school for stability, love, food, protection, and socializing.  For many of our parents, school provides them the time to do their own work and to take care of their personal and professional needs, the needs of the elderly, and the needs of their families. 

It's a bummer because our teachers and support staff entered this profession because they love children and they love interacting with children (yes, even the teenage ones!). None of us signed on to do that through Zoom or Google Meets.  

Yes; a bummer for sure, but we'll do it!  We'll make it! SO FAR, SO GOOD (as the Traip Academy sign now reads).  In the weeks ahead, the Leadership Team and I will address some very difficult questions including these:
  • What will the 2020 Traip Academy Commencement look like?
  • What will the 2020 Shapleigh School Promotional look like?
  • What about Senior Capstone Project Presentations?
  • How about other important culminating school events like parades and concerts?
  • What will happen with the Traip Academy Prom?
  • How will our 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade students be effectively transitioned to Shapleigh School and Traip Academy?
  • What if a student feels unprepared for next fall and a new grade level?
  • Will Summer Academy be offered?
  • What will final 'grades' look like?
There will be others.  If you have a specific question, feel free to reach out to your teachers or building principal (or me!).  There is no 'Owners Manual' for all of this; you are in luck, however.  You have a team of highly motivated, creative, and thoughtful leaders in the Kittery School District who are supported by hardworking and determined teachers and support staff.  And they are buoyed by you, our families, who have shown us so much love and support these past three weeks.  Keep that coming!

In the wake of the Commissioner's announcement last night, it is going to be tough for me to say something funny for my Friday vlog, but I'll come up with something that is worthy of a big, collective eye-roll from my kids.  That's my motivation! 

Stay positive, Kittery!


Eric F. Waddell
Supt. of Schools
Kittery School District
Kittery, Maine
(207) 475-1334

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