Ava Scholes (Grade 6)

If I could travel in time I’d like to go to Ancient Egypt. I’d like to see today’s ruins in action. I would also like to experience life in Ancient Egypt. I would like to meet Cleopatra.

Madelyn Battcock-Emerson (Grade 4)

Dad and I would sometimes talk about how old he is. Once I was reading a book about the moon so I said “Dad, are you so old that you saw man landing on the moon? ”. He said “Yes, I was your age”. So, that got me thinking….

Madison Andrews (Grade 5)

When I was given this assignment I immediately thought of a special family vacation I had in the Bahamas when I was nine years old. I looked at the word “Google” and pictured the letters being made from my special memories. It made me happy.

Daria Barbour-Brown (Grade 7)

Theme: Prehistoric Times

Emily Jones (Grade 7)

Theme: Stay In The Present

Bella Woollacott (Grade 5)

Theme: Medieval Times

Kelly White (Grade 6)

Theme: The 1960s