Extracurricular Information

Winter Athletics - [2019-20 schedule]     [2019-20 practice schedule]
7th Grade Boy's Basketball (Contact: Janelle Dunn)
8th Grade Boy's Basketball (Contact: Todd Rooney)
7th Grade Girl's Basketball (Contact: Bethany Aumand)
8th Grade Girl's Basketball (Contact: Amy Cook)

Fall Athletics - [2019 schedule
Boy's Eighth Grade Soccer (Contact: Doug Bertrand)
Boy's Seventh Grade Soccer (Contact: Blayne Matty & Seth Cole)
Girl's Soccer (Contact: David Harris)
Cross Country (Contact: Wes Rhames)
Field Hockey (Contact: Sybil Carven)
Football (Kittery Youth Football)

Spring Athletics
Boy's & Girls Track & Field (Contact: Wes Rhames)
Baseball (Contact: TBA)
Softball (Contact: TBA)

Civil Rights Team (Grades 4-5 - Contact: Eva Diharce & Kelly Martin)
Civil Rights Team (Grades 6-8 - Contact: Heidi Ayotte & Janis Watson)
Creative Acts of Kindness Club (Contact: Aimee Sutherland)
Student-2-Student Club (Contact: Nelsa Sumsion & Robin Walker)
Yearbook Club (Contact: Kerry Waters & Seth Cole)
Music Festivals (Contact: Jon Roth)
Lego Robotics (Contact: Heidi Randall)
Odyssey of the Mind (Contact: Brenda Bladen) - website
Japan Club (Contact: Robin Walker)
Fuel Up To Play 60! Club (Contact: Seth Cole)
Homework Club (Contact: Jen Foye & Sandi Lutts)
Garden Club (Contact: Allison Casciotti)

And more to come...